When you decide to sale your house many questions immediately arise, such as the following:

Where should I start?
Do I need a real estate agent to represent me?
For how much can I sell it?
How I’ll negotiate the price?
How long it will take to be sold?
What is the order to take action?
With whom do I compete?
How do I make my house notice and visible for sale?

We will answer each of these questions, which are the most frequent.

Your first impulse will take you to search in the internet for the right price. There are several websites that provide that service, placing only the address of your property.

But, as you will understand the price that these web pages will give your property may be far from the real price because there are many factors that must be taken into account to give the right price to a property.

As a real estate agent, my first recommendation will be to contact a professional in this field.

When a person has lived in a property for some years, a problem arises and it is that you may have the tendency to be subjective, because of the emotional attachment with your house.

Casa en venta. ¿Qué debo hacer ahora
House for sale.

It was probably your first house, your children grew up there, or you celebrated your children’s birthday, your daughter’s wedding, your parents lived there, etc.

All those and more emotional memories and attachments will make it more difficult for you to be objective and see the pros and cons to evaluate by yourself the conditions of your property.

This is where the critical eye of a well-trained professional comes into play.

Why do you need a real estate agent to represent you to put your house for sale?

A real estate agent will save you effort, time and money. The process of placing your “home for sale” by yourself without the help of a professional, can be long, sometimes frustrating and cumbersome.

Your agent will help you avoid mistakes, handle sensitive issues with success and dexterity and give you effective solutions, detecting and anticipating possible problems.

Your real estate agent must be a person with whom you click, that is, who are in the same line, must be a person who takes the time to answer all your questions and concerns, giving you clear answers and with who you feel comfortable.

My best advice in this case is, compare and do not let yourself get carried away by what you would like to hear.

Before being a real estate agent, I bought and sold several properties and the experience I had with other agents was positive but not 100% because I always had the feeling that they were not totally involved with my needs.

Now that I know well this business I would liked to be instructed more about the process and sales strategies.

Receive more of their time and feel that I participate more actively in the process and not to be left with the feeling that maybe my house was one more listing. It was never clear to me if they had many clients and had exceeded their response capacity.

At what price could I sell my property and how long time it will take?

All the houses are not the same despite they are in the same neighborhood and the sales strategy should be defined based on several factors.

The location of your property is a very important point to highlight. Whether, for example you are near a school, college, university, work centers, commercial or financial centers, hospitals, parks or entertainment, cinemas, restaurants or close to a highway, airport, etc. all these locations are examples of strengths.

The price at which you and your agent agreed could be based on the result of an appraisal, but there is also an important factor that you should take into account and it’s if at that moment you are in a market of sellers or buyers.

It will also depend on the urgency you have to sell or if you do not have a hurry and you can wait. Always have common sense to avoid embarking on impossible dreams, the price should always be a very objective factor.

Another factor to highlight in the price of your property may be the renovations made and materials used in bathrooms, kitchen, patio, floors. If you have recently changed the roof. If you have intelligent systems integrated to the operation of the house or new appliances.

My advice at this point, seeks and highlights all your house strengths.

My agent can suggest the price, why do I need an appraisal?

Although your agent is trained and has the necessary elements and tools to suggest a price, we consider it very important to hire the services of a professional appraiser.

My agent can suggest the price

A professional appraisal will tell you with certainty the value of your property.

The fact that you hire him will give you the opportunity to make him notice certain details that in your opinion can enhance the value of your home, usually the opinion of a professional appraiser is rarely questioned by another professional in the field.

My advice at this point, it is not worth saving the money of an appraisal. It is best way to be firmly convinced and clear with the sale price.

Do I also need to have a professional inspection of my property?

Consider it very important, a professional inspection will reveal to you things that are not right on the property, which must be repaired or replaced. You can have an idea ahead of the cost in which you could incur, you can also look for alternatives before putting your house for sale.

It is important not to save on this expense since anticipating the possible problems the inspector points out, you can take action with better results than if the problems come out during the negotiation. In summary, you’ll be prevented if a potential buyer ask for rebates that are justified. I recommend you to be present and accompany the professional in his inspection.

What would be an action plan to achieve maximum exposure?

The first place where a potential buyer will look for the house he wants to buy is on the internet and there are very good websites with lots of information. But who feeds those websites with information? Yes, we do, the real estate agents.

A good professional aims to present the property of his client in an optimal way.

You have no idea of ​​the amount of properties discarded just with a simple click.

These properties often meet the requirements of price, number of rooms, bathrooms, location, size etc and are discarded by details as minimal as the color of the painting or a photo that shows a clogged closet.

The main idea is to avoid leaving negative impressions in a possible interested buyer and do not lose sales opportunities. Buyers are now very selective and have the power to discard quickly without giving you the option to even show your property.

From their computers they’ll make the decision if it is worth visiting your property for what they are seeing through their screens. Your property will be compared with others that have the same characteristics as yours and quickly draw the following conclusions:

This is better than this other, it is not worth to go and see it … Many times choosing a house in a logical and objective way becomes a subjective selection as close as a click.

My advice at this point, look for a professional who knows how to present your house in the best way possible.

What is the sequence to take action and achieve maximum exposure?

Hire a real estate agent.

Hire a professional inspection service to make the necessary repairs or renovations and perform the ones you consider necessary.

Hire an appraisal service to set the right price.

Discuss and specify with your agent an effective marketing plan that should include a sales strategy through an optimal description in the listing, excellent photographs and at least one video.

Schedule with your agent the Open House. Discuss a marketing plan in all social networks.

Attend and qualify with your agent to potential buyers.

In Congrains Group we work with a range of possibilities and we do not discard any, because you never know which of them will activate the interest of a potential buyer.

It is important to be noticed in social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads, Realtor.com, Zillow etc are excellent showcases for real estate marketing, however, it is not a direct way to showcase a house for sale.

According to experts in real estate digital marketing, the tactic of preliminary approach is through an excellent content as an article on a blog that will attract potential buyers. It is within that content of value, when we are going to show in a non-intrusive way a house for sale.

Our experience leads us to suggest that you have to leave the initiative to the visitors to “click” to see a banner or a link where real estate offers are displayed..

Confirm with your agent that he or she has the capacity to give you maximum exposure in social networks. Check your photos, video and pay close attention to the description in the listing of your property.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and suggest changes. You must demand the greatest exposure from the beginning.

When the right offer finally arrives to you, someone trained and experienced will be qualified to advise you if that offer is solid or which ones you should discard.

Not all buyers or all offers are the same

Not all buyers or all offers are the same. There are many factors involved, there are deadlines of the dates, there is a large amount of financing formulas that could affect the purchase proposal, there are contingencies that accompany the offers and that could make you lose time and maybe money.

My last tip: There is a certain level of anxiety in the owner who wants to sell his property and without realizing it, he transmits it to the potential buyer. This anxiety sometimes produces a negative effect in the purchase negotiation. Involuntarily, when interacting with potential candidates, you can send the wrong signals, it is better to let someone with a trained mentality do that works better for you, and who better than your real estate agent.