For most people, owning a home is their most valuable asset.

When you have plans to grow your family and you need more space or you were relocated. Maybe you are looking for a change of environment or looking for a proximity to educational centers or your workplace or simply because you are looking for more peaceful areas or, on the contrary, more active areas.

If you are contemplating buying a house, you probably have good reasons that range from purely personal to practical. Whatever these reasons are, the moment has come when you consider the option of buying a property.

Whether you need to buy a single-family house, townhouse or apartment, you should consider the following:

First, prioritize and define your needs. Simultaneously you will have to seek financial help to obtain a mortgage loan and select your Real Estate Agent. Then you can go out and find the property that meets the conditions you need using a discard and selective criteria. To finally find it, start the negotiation stage so the seller accepted your offer and you have to return to the lender to start the mortgage procedures, and finally arrive at the time of closing where you will get the keys to your own home.

It is very important that you have clear your priorities and define what your current and future needs are, so you will keep focus on your search.
Ideally, your choice has a balance between what you like and what you need.

At this point, you should ask yourself many questions such as, what is the number of rooms and bathrooms that I need, what size of property. It is the most convenient location. I really need to have a large patio or a pool. I need a single-family property in a gated community? Etc.

A practical exercise is from where you currently live, evaluate if you are short of spece or you have more space that you really need, if the area where you live is well suited to your usual activities or you have to move to another area to find what you need, get to your work or your children’s school.

These and other considerations will help you better evaluate the size and location of your search.

Buy a house It is time to buy a property!
Buy a house It is time to buy a property!

All the criteria you consider important will be values ​​by your real estate agents and he or she will set all those criterias in the search engines, to find those properties that meet the requirements you demand and the system can automatically discard those that do not fit into that metric.

You need to know exactly what is the purchase price you can access. This information will be given to you by your financial agent, it may be a private entity or your bank.

For the evaluation they will take into account your credit history, the credit score assigned to you by the three main credit bureaus. They will add the income of all family members, the amount of money saved, and they can tell you the maximum amount of debt you can access. They will also evaluate if you should improve your credit score by paying some debts or if you need to buy points of interest to improve the scenario.

They will give you options and decide with you which of all the financing programs existing in the market is the best for you and finally you will leave with an approval letter so your offers will be taken seriously by the sellers..

At this moment you must have a Real Estate Agent to assist you and help you find the most convenient property according to your needs and you will receive listings of properties that meet your requirements for you to carefully review them.

Your real estate agent has to be 100% committed to your needs. He or she must handle good negotiation strategies and skills to achieve favorable results since in many cases several buyers will be competing for the same property.

The owner of the house chosen by you, will accept the offer that most closely matches his or her needs in terms of money, time and contingencies in the offers they receive.

If the listings of properties that you receive from your agent have the qualities of search such as location, price, number of rooms and bathrooms, square ft., etc. but you do not like what you see in the photographs, consider that you may be discarding homes that meet the requirements, but they only require a simple cosmetic or style change. Do not discard them, give them the opportunity to visit and evaluate in situs if it fits your search criteria.

Frequently we project our tastes and lifestyle in the images we have in front of the computer screen and we could be taking a subjective decision and discarding properties that with a few arrangements would be the most appropriate to your search criteria.

Anyway, those cosmetic changes you find can help you negotiate better conditions for you, the carelessness and lack of maintenance of others could work in your favor in the negotiation stage.

Keep in mind that you can always keep looking until you get to find the perfect property for you and your family.

Currently a buyer has many advantages if your real estate agent instructs you in the use of the appropriate contract, we as real estate agents prefer to use the FarBar As Is contract that allows our client a period of 12 days without conditions or penalties to withdraw from the contract.

Buy a house It is time to buy a property!
Buy a house It is time to buy a property!

After that period of time we will have to wait for the report of the appraiser, who will issue a valuation judgment of the property taking into account several criteria.

You should know that both the inspection and the appraisal are strongly regulated, which guarantees impartiality and reliability, giving solidity to the system.

There are many legal and formal implications, it is important that you are always well advised by a good Real Estate Agent that takes care of your interests above all, so you can achieve the best terms and results in your purchase