When you are going to decide to buy a used property vs buy a new property there are many considerations that you should bear in mind.

It is difficult to determine if a house or apartment used is more or less  expensive than a new property, here I will talk about the advantages that I have found.

What I can say from my own experience is that I find many advantages when a potential buyer chooses to buy a used property and here I mention as an example some of them.

The landscape and mature plants as well as the perimeter plants gave me a great saving of money.

Las ventajas de comprar una propiedad

The fact that the garden had automatic sprinklers meant that I found a well-maintained grass.

The property was already fenced and the fence did not need repairs.

The exterior lights and motion sensors as well as some decorative spot lights gave me peace of mind on the safety issue.

The roof had been changed few years before, so it was not going to require to be changed for a good time, this fact, together with the fact that the house already had the hurricane shutters meant a saving in the insurance price.

The kitchen had been remodeled and had counters and finishes that fit my tastes. Also, the appliances, although they were not brand new, were in good condition and could be useful for many years more.

The central air conditioner was in good condition and the pipelines only needed a routine cleaning.

My wife and I like the floor, a mix of wood and tile and surely we would have chosen the same design and neutral color.

We did not have to make changes in the layout and design of the house since all rooms flowed correctly, saving us money in a possible remodeling.

The bathrooms as well as other rooms of the house only required adding our personal decorative touch.

What we did have to do was change the paint color for one that match better with our decoration.

One of the biggest advantages I found was that I could know who my neighbors would be and interact with them since it was a mature and established neighborhood.

Las ventajas de comprar una propiedad

I recognize that all the advantages that I found, are not valued as it should be, neither in an inspection, nor in an appraisal of the property so for me it means a great saving of money, time and energy.

Not all experiences are as advantageous as the one I experience.

There are cases in which a buyer finds a house used in not so good conditions as was my case, but here we can also highlight an advantage, you can remodel it  according to your taste, budget and time availability.

Las ventajas de comprar una propiedad

In both cases you can find objections, for example that the electricity, plumbing, structure and other systems deteriorate over time, but that will depend on how old the property is and what maintenance has been received during that time and for that a potential buyer must order a thorough inspection, it will give you warnings about possible problems, after all, in a transaction everything is negotiable.